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Pelling Hill Station Travel and Famous Holiday Trekking Tours

The laid back, scenic, but rapidly swelling hamlet of Pelling hill station, situated 2,085m above sea level only 2-km beyond Pemayangtse, looks north towards the glaciers and peaks of Kanchenjunga. Travel high above the forest- covered hills, in an amphitheatre of cloud, snow and rock, the entire route from Yoksum over Dzongri La to the Rathong Glacier can be used as a trekking tours.

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Walks and Trekking Tours
Pelling itself consists of little more than a road junction, Helicopter pad and numerous hotels, creating the so-called "Bengali Boulevard", a strip of highly unimaginative identikit concrete blocks. Luckily, from most angles this development is hidden by the forested slopes and Pelling offers numerous attractive walks and holiday trekking tours and hotel terraces from where one can gaze in awe at the world's third highest peak.

Prime Attractions and Places to Visit in Pelling

Sanga Choling Monastery A 4-km trail rises from the playing fields just above Pelling to reach the small monastery of Sanga Choling, one of the oldest gompas in Sikkim. This gompa is another of Lhatsun Chenpo's creations, and is highly venerated among the Nyingmapa. Gutta by fire, it has been rebuilt and houses some of the original clay statues.

Trekking Holiday Tours
For those with permit endorsements to visit Khechepalri Lake, Yoksum and Tashiding, a scenic low-altitude trek along trails and roads starts from Pelling. These places are perfect for taking up holiday trips on the rugged terrain. Public transport run from both Yoksum and Tashiding back to Legship from where one can continue to Ghezing, and eventually back to Pelling.

How To Get There

Shared jeeps travel regularly until mid or late afternoon between Pelling and Ghezing; twice daily for Gangtok, and once a day for Siliguri. There is no direct service to Yoksum from Pelling but a daily bus leaves Ghezing and travels via Legship and Tashiding. One bus leaves Ghezing daily for Khecheopalri Lake and passes through Pelling, and two leave Pelling for Ghezing, and eventually back to Pelling.